Requests from Consultants/Secondary Care

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Northamptonshire General Practices are working harder than ever with 90% of patients being seen but only given 8% of the NHS budget. Over the years, hospitals and other secondary providers have passed work on to General Practice which is no longer sustainable.

When you are referred, it is the responsibility of the department or consultant to ensure that they:

  • Discuss and communicate investigations undertaken with you along with answering any queries you may have
  • If required, to issue a sick note for the whole of your time off
  • If required, arrange an initial prescription for your first 28 days worth of medications
  • If required, process any further onward referrals they suggest/require
  • If required, organise investigations in relation to your referral/consultation
  • If required, arrange any post-operative checks or follow ups

If requests are received from a consultant or hospital department, as mentioned above, these may be sent back to the requesting hospital, instructing them to carry out the required work they are obligated to perform and may not be undertaken by the practice.

Should a patient reach out to the practice regarding any of the aforementioned items, they will be directed back to the respective consultant or department for additional assistance.