Vandalism in the Practice

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In the past number of months a speight of vandalism has been occurring in the public toilets at Albany House Medical Centre. This is an unfortunate and ongoing issue that needs to be addressed. It not only disrupts the smooth functioning of the practice but also creates an unwelcoming environment for patients and staff alike.

The Impact of Vandalism

Vandalism in the public toilets has ranged from minor nuisances such as graffiti and littering to more severe acts like damaging fixtures or theft. These acts of vandalism have lead to significant costs for the practice in terms of repairs, replacements, and increased maintenance. Moreover, it can create an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe environment for patients and staff. This is turn has removed the access to the effected toilets whilst repairs are undertaken.

Moving Forward

Following the reporting of the incidents to the police we have made the decision to introduce CCTV cameras to monitor the doors to the public toilets and to introduce regular inspections by staff members. The cameras will monitor the exterior of the doors to monitor who is entering the public toilets.

As staff will need to monitor the toilets this may cause minor delays when attending reception. We are also reviewing the current access policy to the toilets within the practice and the ability to access non-disabled toilets on floors other than the ground floor.

If you have any evidence in regard to who may be comiting these acts of vandalism, please speak to a member of the practice team.

Should the culprit be identified we will be taking appropriate actions against the perpetrators.