Booking in advance

We do not have appointments with GPs available for advance booking. Our telephone lines are always very busy between 08:30 to 09:30 and 13:00 to 14:00 with patients calling for same-day appointments.

If you are not calling to book an appointment, please help us to reduce delays by calling after 09:30 or after 14:00. Please be aware of this when calling to make an appointment.

When you call, our appointments team will ask what problem you are calling in with. We ask this to ensure that you are given the most appropriate options.

Urgent appointments

Urgent appointments with GPs are for one problem only. There will not be time to deal with multiple problems, sick notes or see other members of the family. If you have more than one problem you will have to make another appointment.

Appointments can be booked from 08:30 for morning appointments, or 13:00 for afternoon appointments via phone.

Telephone options

  • Option 1 Home Visits
  • Option 2 Cancellations line (Voicemail service)
  • Option 3 Health Professional line (used only for other healthcare providers to contact us)
  • Hold for appointments and all other enquiries