Wasted Appointments

Appointments are often wasted as people do not attend following booking an appointment.

These appointments could have been used by other patients and cause delays for other patients in obtaining an appointment and deprives other patients of essential medical services.

MonthAppointments WastedTotal Time Wasted
January 202327393 hours
February 202330685 hours
March 202327780 hours
April 202325374 hours
May 202318644 hours
June 202322856 hours
July 202318750 hours
TOTAL1,710482 hours

Patients who fail to attend appointments on multiple occasions will be sent a DNA (did not attend) letter reminding them that in future they must cancel appointments if they are unable to attend.

Should failure to attend continue we will consider advising you to register with another surgery.

To avoid being sent a DNA letter please ensure that you cancel your appointment a minimum of an hour before the appointment time. Anything cancelled after this time could count as a DNA.